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In December 2020, while the corona virus was in rage over Greece, it was allowed to meet only until 10 p.m.

Normally, creativity starts after 10 but in one of those “too early to be inspired” meetings, Yiannis Karpontinis and Tom Von Kaenel came up with an idea: “In dark times we should think of light!”.

They decided to cooperate in the creation of a new collection of marble lamps. The name “till10” is to memorize those times.

Yianni and Tom are convinced about working with the marble that lays in front of their doors to create true handcrafted work.

till10” marble lamps are handcrafted and numbered as they believe in slow and low production.

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Although e-shop is available we recommend a visit to your nearest cooperating gallery or shop. A close look and a touch to your favorite lamp is an experience we strongly advice. Check the Points of Sale to find the nearest OTO marble light to you!